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I want to tell stories that I am not part of as an actor


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BANSHEE CHAPTER Star trek’s Zachary Quinto on becoming a power producer
女妖章节 星际迷航的Zachary Quinto正在成长为一个强势的制作人

A producer’s job

Producer are often misunderstood, I’d say. Their contribution is often underestimated, but it’s a pretty inclusive job. At my production company, Before The Door, it’s about finding material, finding directors, finding money. A producer is responsible for pulling in all the elements that are required to make the film.
要我说,制作人通常被误解。他们的贡献通常被低估,但这是一个相当兼容并蓄的工作。在我的制作公司,Before The Door,它是有关找材料,找导演,找钱的工作。一个制作人有责任把制作一部电影所需的元素聚集在一起。

Starting out

I had a lot of great opportunities as an actor and I felt that I wanted to utilise that exposure and parlay it into some larger degree of creative control. It’s very easy as an actor to sit around and wait for the studio to tell you to go to work, but I wanted to be able to tell stories that I’m not necessarily part of as an actor.


The toughest thing for me being a producer is knowing how actors are talked about. Knowing how films are put together and cast, it’s incredibly demoralising! There’s not a lot of compassion or respect when financiers are talking about ‘value’ of actors. I’ve learned not to be in those meetings.


Watching All Is Lost at the Grand Palais in Cannes for the first time was one of the most gratifying moments I can remember. It’s a similar feeling as watching the first screening of Star Trek with the cast-any time you see something so epic that you’re a part of, you can’t help but feel gratitude and pride.
第一次在戛纳的Grand Palais观看All Is Lost是我记忆中最为可喜的时刻。那种感觉和其他演员们一起观看Star Trek的第一次放映很相似——任何你看到有你参与其中的史诗般的作品的时候,你都不能自制的感到感激和骄傲。


I like a good movie, but I don’t necessarily come to the table with a vast history of being a horror fan. With Banshee Chapter, the director Blair Erickson came to us with this idea of utilising new 3D technology, which was very interesting. Heroes and American Horror Story put me in a position where my fanbase tends to be interested in those stories, which is why I’m open to producing them.
我喜欢一部好的电影,但我并不一定参与到作为恐怖故事迷的源远流长的历史中去。在拍摄Banshee Chapter的时候,导演Blair Erickson给我们带来一个利用新3D制作技术的的主意,而这非常有趣。Heroes和American Horror Story让我的粉丝群开始对这样的故事感兴趣,这也是为何我对制作它们采取一个开放的态度。

Acting future

There’s been a lot of transition in the Star Trek world in the last few months, with J.J.prepping for Star Wars. I love J.J.,so I’m thrilled for him and I wish him only the best. Bob Orci and I have talked about Spock and where he might go, what kind of things he might deal with in a third film. There were four years between the first and second movie; I don’t think there will be four between the second and the third…JW
在过去的几个月中,随着JJ准备执导Star War,Star Trek的世界有了很多变化。我爱JJ,所以我为他高兴,并对他报以最好的祝福。Bob Orci(注:Roberto Orci,AOS的编剧,最近作品是The Amazing Spiderman 2)和我谈论了Spock,在第三部中他可能去哪里,可能会面临什么样的事情。在第一部和第二部中间隔了四年,我想在第二部和第三部之间不会再隔四年了…JW

ETA丨27 January Banshee Chapter is out on DVD this month and is reviewed on page 128.

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